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名称 Gnomon | Introduction to Maxon BodyPaint 3D with Eric Miller(BodyPaint入门)
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Eric Miller是一位贴图艺术家,并且从事自由贴图绘画师与视觉特效师工作有8年时间,曾在Look Effects与Ironhorse Interactive公司专业从事外观设计,在那段时间他还担任了视觉艺术特效学校GNOMON的教学系统主管。凭借独特的技术与艺术知识,ERIC成功担任了GNOMON远程教育部分的经理职位,协助制作了非常多的贴图教学,Eric在GNOMON担任讲师有6年时间,现担任GNOMON的总经理职务。

Eric Miller Texture Artist

Eric has worked as a freelance Texture Painter and Visual Effects artist for eight years, specializing in Look Development for studios such as Look Effects and Ironhorse Interactive. During that time, he also served as the Systems Administrator for the Gnomon School of Visual Effects. His unique technical and artistic knowledge then landed him the role of Director of Distance Education, helping develop much of the texturing curriculum. Eric has been an instructor at Gnomon for six years and is now the Managing Director of the Gnomon Workshop

Bodypaint 3D是影视与游戏贴图作业的标准绘制软件。BODYPAINT以其稳定与性能而著称,在与第三方的3D与2D软件,如MAYA和PHOTOSHOP的集成上表现优异。BODYPAINT强大的扩展工具集,包括了一个强大的映射绘制引擎,让它能够在3D对象的表面进行绘制。本教学长达8个多小时,包含了所有 BODYPAINT入门的知识。教学从导航,UI界面,文档设置开始,深入到高级设置与工作流程。教学还会讲解绘制模式,比如表面与映射绘制。还讲解了如何创建自定义的笔刷。

Maxon Bodypaint 3D has become the standard 3D painting tool used in the film and game texture pipelines. Renowned for its stability and performance, Bodypaint excels in the arena of integration with 3rd party 3D and 2D applications like Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop. Bodypaint's extensive toolset including a powerful projection painting engine has made it the tool of choice for painting textures on a 3D surface. Containing over 8 hours of lecture, this DVD covers everything you need to get started with Bodypaint. Beginning with the fundamentals of navigation, UI, and document setup, the topics progress to more advanced setup and workflow related lectures. The lectures will also address painting modes, like surface and projection painting, along with effective methods to create and utilize custom brushes in BodyPaint. Instructor for this title: Eric Miller



1. Chapters General Interface(教学总体介绍)

2. Preferences release 12(版本12的Preference设置介绍)

3. Preferences release 4(版本4的Preference设置介绍)

4. Navigation(Bodypaint导航介绍)

5. Object Manipulation(对象操作)

6. Documentation Management(文档管理)

7. Primitive Objects(基本对象)

8. Document Setup 1 – Material and Texture Setup(文件的制作1 材质与贴图的设置)

9. Document Setup 2 – Material and Texture Setup(文件的制作2 材质与贴图的设置)

10. Document Setup 3 – Multi-Material Object(文件的制作3 多层材质的对象)

11. Document Setup 4 – Multi-Material Object(文件的制作4 多层材质的对象)

12. Character Setup 1 – Importing OBJs and Fixing UVs(角色设置1 导入OBJ文件,解决UV中存在的问题)

13. Character Setup 2 – Setting Up Selection Sets(角色设置2 设置选择集)

14. Character Setup 3 – Finishing Setup(角色设置3 完成设置)

15. Character Setup 4 – Material Assignment(角色设置4 材质应用)

16. Character Setup 5 – Texture Assignment(角色设置5 贴图应用)

17. Maya to BP Exchange1 – Proxy Paint Model(MAYA到BODYPAINT的转换1 角色设置 绘制代理模型)

18. Maya to BP Exchange2 – Object/Material Organization(MAYA到BODYPAINT的转换1 对象与材质管理)

19. Maya to BP Exchange3 – Loading the Plug-ins and Scripts(MAYA到BODYPAINT的转换1 加载插件与代码)

20. Maya to BP Exchange4 – Material and Texture Assembly(MAYA到BODYPAINT的转换1 材质与贴图的组合)

21. Maya to BP Exchange5 – Texture Assembly Part 2(MAYA到BODYPAINT的转换1 贴图的组合)

22. Maya to BP Exchange6 – UV and Selection Sets(MAYA到BODYPAINT的转换1 UV与选择集)

23. 3D Paint Surface Painting(3D PAINT的SURFACE PAINTING绘制模式)

24. 3D Paint Projection Painting(3D PAINT的映射绘制模式)

25. Brush Tools and Attributes(笔刷工具及其属性)

26. Selections and Custom Brushes(选择工具与自定义笔刷)

27. Other Tools(其他工具)

28. Character Paint Setup(角色绘制设置)

29. Character Skin Paint(角色皮肤绘制)

30. Conclusion(总结)

Gnomon Workshop是全球娱乐业与设计工业设计师的顶级专业培训机构,它是由Alex Alvarez在2000创建的。它原本是为那些无法参加加利福尼亚GNOMON SCHOOL好莱坞特效课程的学员提供一个分享专业技术的平台。在过去的9年时间里,GNOMON教学系列DVD已经提供了超过60多位专业讲师的教学系列,涉及到了各种不同的工具,软件与媒介,包括了设计,绘画,雕塑,建模,贴图,动画,特效与合成等各方面。


Gnomon位处好莱坞的核心地段,已经发展成为顶级专家培养下一代设计专家的枢纽,Gnomon school的教学设施包括了17000平方英尺的教室,工作室,实验室与办公室,制作间。每学期有70个教室教授250个学生,在这个行业,没有哪个学校能提供如此高端的教学服务。GNOMON的创建者ALEX本身就是一位设计师,保持着与这些行业的沟通,确保GNOMON保持行业培训的核心地位。

Welcome to The Gnomon Workshop, the industry leader in professional training for artists in the entertainment and design industries. Founded by Alex Alvarez in 2000, The Gnomon Workshop was launched as a means to share professional techniques with artists who could not attend the hands-on courses offered at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, California. Over the past nine years, the Gnomon Workshop DVD library has expanded to offer training by over sixty professional instructors on a diverse range of tools, software and media including design, drawing, sculpture, painting, modeling, texturing, animation, effects and compositing. Shipped to literally every corner of the globe, our DVDs can be found in countless libraries, studios and universities... and on many thousand bookshelves.

Gnomon's mission has always been to provide the highest caliber training that both educates and inspires, in order to help artists achieve their personal goals. Whether your interests are digital matte painting, character modeling, digital sets, vehicle design, creature rendering or maquette sculpture, our DVDs help artists learn from the experience of others in order to save time and improve skills. Techniques that have taken our instructors years to master are available to artists in a format that is unparalleled in art education history. Our customers range from high-school students who are just discovering the career opportunities that lie ahead of them, to seasoned professionals with decades of experience.

Located in the heart of Hollywood, Gnomon has become a hub for many of the industries top talents who come together to help train their peers and the next generation of artists. The Gnomon School and The Gnomon Workshop facilities comprise of over 17000 square feet of classrooms, studios, lounges, labs, offices and production space. With over 250 students and 70 instructors every term at the School, no other training provider is as immersed in the industry and it's education as The Gnomon Workshop. Our founder Alex Alvarez, himself an artist and instructor, maintains a constant dialogue with the industry to ensure that Gnomon maintains its position as a critical industry resource. As the demand for artists increases and the quality of visuals in games and film continues to mature, education is the foundation of our industry's future.



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