Side Effects | Masterclass: Crumpling and Tearing(Houdini大师课:压扁与撕裂效果制作)

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教学名 Side Effects | Masterclass: Crumpling and Tearing(Houdini大师课:压扁与撕裂效果制作)
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意大利博物馆教师/绘画教师/线艺术学校校长 威尔·坎普 讲解 绘画基础:风景草绘教学 中文字幕 srt
意大利博物馆教师/绘画教师/线艺术学校校长 威尔·坎普 讲解 绘画基础:城市草绘教学 中文字幕 srt
Macworld杂志高级特约编辑/20世纪福克斯特约摄影师 本龙 讲解 实习摄影师教学 中文字幕 srt格式
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本大师课由Martin Sawtell讲解,覆盖了HOUDINI 10.0中,基于物理特性的布料solver新加入的压扁与撕裂效果功能.其中包括了塑料变形, 动态撕裂与拓扑改变等.教学中还讲解了基本的工作流程,基础的布料对象的属性等.其中的一些设计概念适合用于撞车,布料裁剪,建筑崩塌等特效的制作.

Presented by Martin Sawtell, this Masterclass covers the new crumpling and tearing features that are available in Houdini 10's physically-based cloth solver. These include support for plastic deformation, dynamic tearing and changing topologies. The presentation includes direction on basic workflows, and fundamental physical properties of cloth objects. Many of these concepts are supported by working example files including smashing cars, cutting fabric and collapsing buildings.

Side Effects 介绍
在过去的20年中,Side Effects一直为艺术家提供流程化的3D动画与视觉特效工具,帮助他们创作最高质量的影视特效。Side Effects以客户的需求为中心,本身既是创新技术的提供者,也是尖端的设计团队。

Side Effects刚开始的时候只有两个人:Kim Davidson与Greg Hermanovic,他们是热衷于UNIX下编程的动画爱好者。1985年的时候,他们加入了创新型公司奥林巴斯,然后沉浸在创作的过程中,编写他们自己的软件,为电影与广播制作视觉特效。1987年一个偶然的机会将3D动画呈现在观众眼前之后,Davidson与Hermanovic创建了Side Effects软件,并且发布了PRISMS.它是一个程序化制作软件,为HOUDINI的奠定了基础。

Side Effects因Houdini及其创新性的流程化制作技术两次获得了奥斯卡奖,另外很多奥斯卡奖影片是使用HOUDINI制作的。奥斯卡奖的获得是对Side Effects强大的研究开发能力与它同客户之间良好的沟通关系的承认。Side Effects以在这个快速发展的行业建立了领导性的地位而自豪,并且持续不断的寻找那些能够支持创新过程的新方法。

For over twenty years Side Effects has been providing artists with procedural 3D animation and visual effects tools designed to create the highest-quality cinematic results. We are passionate about what our customers do because our roots are in production, both as artists and as pioneering technical innovators.

For over Twenty Years...

In the beginning there were two: Kim Davidson and Greg Hermanovic – animation enthusiasts with a flair for UNIX coding. In 1985 they joined Omnibus, a pioneering company in the then emerging world of computer graphics. They immersed themselves in production, writing their own software and creating visual effects for film and broadcast.

In 1987, with an opportunity to bring 3D graphics to a wider audience, Davidson and Hermanovic created Side Effects Software and released PRISMS. Developed and rigorously tested in production, PRISMS was a procedural graphics application which would lay the groundwork for Houdini.

Award-Winning Procedural Technology

Side Effects Software has twice been recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences for Houdini and its breakthrough procedural based technology. In addition, Academy Awards have been given to many films which relied on Houdini for the creation of their visual effects.

This recognition is an acknowledgment of Side Effects’ strong research and development team and its close interaction with customers to understand and address production needs. Side Effects takes pride in establishing a leadership role in this fast-paced industry and is constantly looking for ways to support the creative process while pushing the “innovation” envelope.

Innovation and Customer Service

At Side Effects, we value innovation, integrity and commitment to the customer. With deep roots in production, we know what it takes for CG artists to succeed. Every day we apply that knowledge and strive to help our customers achieve more with less effort.

Side Effects is also committed to the growth of skills in the industry as demonstrated by the Houdini Apprentice program that gives digital artists the chance to build skills and create demo-reel content using Houdini free of charge.

As the industry continues to evolve, we remain dedicated to working with studios and artists to meet their production challenges head-on. Our knowledgable staff, our responsive customer support, and access to daily software builds are a few of the things that set us apart and make Side Effects a great company to do business with.



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