[HOUDINI大课堂V1] CMIVFX | Houdini Intro to Procedural Modeling(Houdini程序化建模教学 中文字幕)

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教学名 [HOUDINI大课堂V1] CMIVFX | Houdini Intro to Procedural Modeling(Houdini程序化建模教学 中文字幕)
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意大利博物馆教师/绘画教师/线艺术学校校长 威尔·坎普 讲解 绘画基础:风景草绘教学 中文字幕 srt
意大利博物馆教师/绘画教师/线艺术学校校长 威尔·坎普 讲解 绘画基础:城市草绘教学 中文字幕 srt
Macworld杂志高级特约编辑/20世纪福克斯特约摄影师 本龙 讲解 实习摄影师教学 中文字幕 srt格式
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本教学是作为流程化建模基础知识的详细地图与扩展,这个创新性的视频是CMIVFX发布的第一套基于项目的HOUDINI教学。本教学将带领大家学 习HOUDINI的建模工具,让开始为视觉特效风格的构建与破坏过程制作场景。我们假定需要让一辆军车爆炸为很多细小的部分,那么创建它的时候就需要考虑 到流程化破坏的过程。还或者我们希望让一些坦克跟随着游行的队伍,同步的运动,让它们与自己的敌人战斗,这样我们就能来学习高级的CHOPS与行为动画的 粒子系统。通过这种方式你就能明白到在HOUDINI中你能做任何的事情。

Designed to be a detailed map and extension of the fundamental concepts of procedural modeling, this innovative video is the first entirely project-based video released by cmiVFX for Houdini. This video will take you through a functional tour of the modeling tools in Houdini, to get you started in creating large scale sets for your later visual effects style construction OR destruction. The challenge was to find which effect could combine the maximum diversity of training content, while keeping the consistency and the realism/reality of a project-based approach. Let's suppose we wanted to explode a military style vehicle into a bunch of smaller portions, we would need to build it with the procedural deconstruction in mind. Let's also assume that we want some tanks to follow a parade, or to move in synchronicity, or interacting with their enemies, this allow us to teach advanced CHOPs and particles for behavioral animation. That's the only way to show you that you can do absolutely everything in Houdini and from A to Z, with total flexibility.Houdini has the reputation of being the most powerful effects application in the world. cmiVFX aims to show you how and why.

Applying Concepts
Knowing theory is good but it's just the first part of the journey. This video is meant to teach application and a truly fathom the fundamentals. Put all your knowledge together and create a real scene. We chose to model a tank, inspired from the T-55 russian model, because it had a rich set of modeling features. Learn new modeling techniques, both procedural and non procedural. - Keywords: houdini training, sidefx

Rigging Caterpillars
The tank follows a path on a bumpy terrain . One of the main challenges of the modeling is to create a pair of caterpillars and a set of wheels that properly adapt to the terrain as the tank goes on.The tank is modeled in relation to a future animation. The same as with characters we refer to this process as rigging a vehicle. Here, Houdini's non-procedural paradigm fuses with animation, since the animation now become the input of your modeling process ( like in the famous CHOP-based scene of the film The Grinch).

Modeling Variety
This project has all the types of modeling, polygonal, nurbs, subdivided polygons, and painting details. We show you a great diversity of SOPs. Extrude, bevel, creep, refine, trim, carve, intersect, fillet, join polywire and the list goes on. Some tactics are more explicitly procedural. Some other are more artistic. Like real-world scenarios which are always a blend of both.

Polygonal Modeling Tools
Groups, procedural selection, beveling, creeping, and joining... Houdini has an extremely powerful set of polygonal tools, and we will show you how to make the best of them in a fair amount of time.

NURBs Modeling
Before we dive into nurbs modeling, we make a quick yet thorough reminder about NURBS, their properties. Isoparms, profiles, parameterization, topology, stitching, detailed u/v skinning scenarios are covered. These are some concepts you must be familiar with to be proficient with NURBS. Learn Houdini's very specific way to work with NURBS and how you can define more complex NURBS surfaces than in the other softwares.

Creating Details
In this section, we introduce you to a very Houdini way of working. Add some details on your tank, like grips for the driver of the tank or rivets. Instead of tediously placing them, or using a displacement map, paint them. Learn how you can combine painting with any operator of Houdini to interactively and artistically create some details like grips on the tank.

Putting It All Together
This video is intended to be the first step in creating a scene. You want to apply a camouflage shadier for you tank, you want to add grass, global illumination. You want to instantiate your tanks, and drop a bomb on them. Instead of creating a scene out of pre-built elements coming from nowhere, we build each step with Houdini.

The Author
David Gary, french, and has a Bachelor Degree in Pure Mathematics, a Master Degree in Philosophy and is preparing his PhD in the interdisciplinary field of philosophy of mathematics, phenomenology and cognitive sciences. Aside of his studies, he's directed a dozen of short movies and video clips, being a director/video instructor. He began to be a strong CG specialist since a long time using various tools as 3dsmax, Maya, Houdini.



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